ALPHATYPE Art installation by Lorenzo Marini

ALPHATYPE Art installation by Lorenzo Marini


ALPHATYPE is the new art project from Lorenzo Marini curated by Sabino Maria Frassà. With ALPHATYPE the artist literally upends the contemporary art paradigm of the white cube as the best form for conveying its use and comprehension. Lorenzo Marini turns that paradigm on its head and makes the “white cube” the housing, the outside of the artwork. The work is contained completely inside the cube, delineating a new, immersive space animated by artistic brilliance. 

ALPHATYPE rises in space like something alien, as much in form as in content: while it is obvious that the artist has a certain fascination for Dadaism and Futurism, which he reinterprets and actualizes, it also cannot be denied that the focus of the installation is not an aesthetic satisfaction but a social and cultural stimulus. The formal result is therefore a fascinating and – we might as well admit it – extremely attractive and seductive installation, which literally hides “inside it” a criticism of how we communicate and interact today: the too-much-information that sweeps away communication, for which language itself was born. Deep down we are all affected by an acute autism and incapacity for empathy. We talk constantly, we shout more often and in an infinity of new ways: think of the bombardment of images, of ever more vivid colors and, in writing, think of the proliferation of uppercase. All these words and all these messages, although increasingly simpler and simplified, seem not to allow humanity to succeed in expressing itself and communicating. So why so many words? Perhaps to convince ourselves of our false certainties and false myths.

The 10th year anniversary of Ventura Projects will be celebrated through the work of Lorenzo Marini who will create a unique cover for the Milan 2019 Ventura Projects visitors’ guide.  


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